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San Francisco, CA  San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Tasting - at the Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason San Francisco     Saturday Feb. 15, 2020

St. Michaels, MD WineFest at St. Michaels    April 25 & 26th, 2020


Labels designed by Chuck House

For the last sixteen years, my family has taken on the challenge of caring for 50 beautiful acres in the Oak Knoll district. These years have been filled with learning and growing experiences that have strengthened the quality of our wines. Since our first bottling in 2005, our wines have been
improving year after year as our vines mature and we keep building our knowledge of the terroir. Last year, we realized it was time for that growth to be reflected in our packaging. We hired an artist and pioneer of iconic wine labels in the Napa Valley, Chuck House. We are very excited to share our refreshed look with you. You should recognize the familiar
Darms Lane elements that remain the essence of our identity and we hope you will enjoy them in their purest form. We feel our new look embodies the qualitative direction we are aiming for as we continue on this exciting journey. Sincerely, Tricia Bump Davis



Read about Chuck House's approach to design our new labels:

The first time I drove to Darms Lane and met with the team, a framed graphite pencil rendering of the Bon Passe vineyard was standing on an easel in the main room of the farmhouse. Later on, I tasted the wines and I found the same elegance and depth in the wines that I had in the simple yet beautiful rendering of the vineyards. It was clear to me that my job was to recreate that same feeling in the label and make it a window into the spirit of the wine itself. My hope is that together the wine and the new label are an experience that will allow you to make the journey to Darms Lane in your imagination, every time you pour a glass. — Chuck House


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